Health Plan Quick Pitch 

June 22, 2021
1-1:30 pm EST
We are growing our carrier inventory rapidly and want you to stay on top of who is newly added to the Brokerlink distribution network. 

To help you learn more about these health plans and what they offer, we created an exciting new program called Health Plan Quick Pitch. 

In 7-10 minutes, health plans will present:  

  • Who they are and the plans they sell in each market
  • What makes them different from their competitors
  • How they connect agents to seniors
  • Why FMOs and agencies should sell their plans
  • Contacts at each health plan to reach out to with questions

In our first webinar of the series, enjoy brief presentations by the following health plans: 

         Clever Care - CA​​​​​         
         Intervalley Health Plan - CA
         Oscar Health - NY, TX, FL

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